Mmm makes new legitimate declaration

An emergency meeting changed into held the day gone by 14th of december, 2016 at nine:30am by using mmm nigeria international to discuss stringent troubles affecting the scheme.
‘restructure’ the scheme which has been closely suspected to be fraudulent.

Precis of assembly held today 14th december 2016 by using nine.30am

1. Within that 1 month mavro keep developing.

2. The freeze periods may also even be less than 1month however it all depends on programmers and how speedy they are able to finish.

3. This 12 months we will have a new model to help make this network sustainable in nigeria.

4. We are able to post clarification with extra details about the frozen mavro on all people’s po.

5. Some mavro might be launched earlier than the 30 days release date possibly in batches.

6. Subsequent week we are able to implement change
Of guider button on every participants po.

7. New section in our personal office can be set up this week

8. Ph and Gh order dispatching has been stopped for a while. Which means they arnt matching each person for the period in-between.

9. We will use this era to tackle other issues we've got with aid.

10. Mmm nigeria’s development relies upon on you. Your expectation determines the destiny. You decide what you want. You need to encourage yourselves and also you downlines.

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