Battle Of The Young. chapter 2

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Chapter 2
The Prime Time

The time of youth is the prime time in anyone's life.  It is a great privilege to be young.  Many old people envy the youth.  They wish they could return to being young again;  and that's why they try to do whatever they can to look young.

Unfortunately,  being young comes only once in lifetime.  No one can be young more than once.  As a lady, you cannot be "sweet sixteen" more than once. Once you pass the age of sixteen, it is clear that you can never be sixteen again.

However,  the time of youth is also the period of making choices. And the choice at this prime time of life at such that make indelible marks on one's life and đ destiny.

There is a battle going on in this world concerning young people and it is all about influencing their choices.

Δ^ Choices that will mark your life out for greatness and glory are made when you are young. Δ^

If you meet an accomplished old man, prosperous and celebrated,  enjoying the care of his equally successful children, it did not happen somewhere in his old age. It is the product of a series of wise choices that he made while in his teens and twenties.

° On the other hand, choice that will predispose you too perpetual defeat and failure are also made when you are young.

Whatever wrong things we see in an old age today, most likely happened because of the choices he made when he was young. If you see an old woman whose marriage has been broken down and she is being pushed between one man and another,  it is not likely to be due to choices she made when she was old.  She laid the foundation to be that kind of woman when she was young!

° The unfortunate thing about these choices is that whether they are made consciously or unconsciously, they are often irreversible.

The time of the youth is not only one of  making choices; it is also the time for laying the foundation for every aspect I the future life. It is at this time that you lay the foundation for your Career in life, your marriage and your destiny. In fact every thing that you will become in life is being founded now in the time of your youth.

It is a time of tremendous strength and energy, a time of freshness. It a time all your nerves an instincts are seeking the strongest expression. The direction you "plough" them, now that you are young determines the destination you will "reap" in the years ahead. This time of your youth is a very crucial time that determines what happens for the rest of your life.

The time of ones youth is also the time of warfare. This is when you pitch your tent on whichever side you choose in the battle of life.


It is in this period of your life when you are called 'the youth' that you make that choice. 
God is out, mercifully looking for you, so that you will make him your choice;  but the devil 😈 is also fighting hard,  to make sure he has you on his side.  That is why the counsel of the word of God to anyone who is a youth is; 

Φ¤ Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth,  while the evil days comes not, not the year draw nigh,  when thou shall say, I've no pleasure in them. - Ecclesiastes 12:1

If you over come in this battle when you are young and make the Lord your choice,  you will always overcome in every sphere in your lif

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