Chapter  1
While You're Young

I was invited to preach at a Professors daughter wedding in 1985.

You can imagine the cream of society seated; professors, doctors,  businessmen, and women,  high ranking government officials etc. men and women who seems  to have made their mark in the world.

As I brought  the word of life to the young couple, who were just starting their marriage life,  I  set forth principle after principle of how God design the home to work.  God enabled me to bring out the message with clear
 instructions and illustrations.

He also permitted me to share living testimonies of how the principles have worked both in my personal experience and in several homes, I have been privileged to watch over.

After the service, two people came to me, one after the other.  The first man, quite elderly, looked at me, adjusted his spectacles and said-:

Φ  Young man, I wish i met you in 1943. If I have met you forty-two years ago,  and heard what you're preaching now,  I would not be what I am today.  What can I do now?  I have spoilt my life,  I have wasted my marriage,  and I don't even know where to begin again. I wish i had met you then.
Where were you, when I just married? - he added rhetorically.

I did not answer,  I could not.  I knew he was not expecting an answer from me.  As I stood there looking at an old man shedding tears, I also wish I had met him back then!

Φ Well I thank you for all you have said.  For me it is too late but I am going to buy the tapes for my daughter so that she will not go the way I went. 

All through the day,  I could not get their words out of my mind. 
So,  a man can hear the word of God too late! So,  wrong choices made early in life may never be correctable again later on in life. 

I suddenly realised the great privilege of being young.  I realised the prime value of being a youth. It became clear that there are things that must happen to me as a youth so that I will not live my adult years in regret. 

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