Is Wizkid A Cultist?

It might be so stup*d to talk about our several award winning star lifestyle, Wizkid. It has become so obvious that some fans are having different thought about his dressing and lifestyle, with his favourite colour, red and black.

According to one Facebook and Twitter user @clasik_chidex who is also an upcoming act and blogger stated that, He might belong to the Norsemen Klub(Vikings) with his little display of red and black  and his favourite slangs in some of his tracks, "aro" .

He also further explained that, Wizkid might not want to reveal his true identity, because of his musical career, but will one day be caught in the web.

On this current trend, we've not yet to conclude if Wizkid is truly a cultist,
If wizkid thinks, he is trying to create a fashion style, he should be aware that it's dangerous if his fans start practising such dressing.

With this little statement, what do you think, is he a cultist or not?

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