Know Your Age With Your Shoe Size

This post shows how you can determine your age by your shoe size. A friend on fb posted it on her wall so I tot I'd share it here. It's especially a usefull invention for PAs and MAs who cannot tell their correct age. Try it & see.

1. Take your shoe size

2. Now multiply it by 5

3. Add 50

4. Multiply by 20

5. Now add 1011 (Last 2 digits in this number must be the 2 digits of the current year for it to be completely. E.g 1010 for 2010 and 1012 for 2012 etc)

6. Subtract the year you were born.
The number you get will be your shoe size & your age. 

The first 2 digits are your shoe size & last 2 are your age.

 Am i right?

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