Read What reggae Buchi Said About Reggae and His New Album.

People often ask me "Buchi" why did you choose reggae, why not other genre of music?

The truth is that, I  love the reggae vibes; I could cry describing it. At first, I also wondered where it came from? Until 1980 when  it was dawned on me that it's innate i.e inborn.  Something about it's sounds totally agree with my spirit; I didn't know anything could be sweeter till I met Jesus.

But really,  you can't compare my love for the sound with my love for Jesus. This  because the letter is an embodiment of everything 'n' nice; reggae inclusive. See that?

In 1992, I moved from reggae night club to the church, I gave up everything including reggae music ... Nothing to live for except for Christ, Can you imagine the  when I found reggae again in Him (Christ)?

Religion didn't give me a chance to enjoy the reggae sounds in church but the teaching of the truth; the gospel, did. That's one of the reasons I owe Pastor Chris Oyakhilome a debt of gratitude.

See,  even then, many questioned the sincerity of my new birth.  "why did you bring reggae sounds in church?  Why wear RED, GOLD & GREEN? They'd often ask.  This new album is my response. It's manifesto. I named this one;: RED, GOLD & GREEN. 

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