You don't have to miss this one as one Facebook user identified as FEGOR WILLIAMS pour out his gratitude to God Almighty through this horrible experience in a motor accident Lokoja road to Abuja.

He further stated that, God is a merciful and faithful God, that he urge all Christians to remain faithful to him.

Here is his full illustrations:

"I want to take this time to  give thanks to the Almighty God for what he has done in my life... On July 28, I had an accident on my way to Abuja along Lokoja road.

A tanker fell which was carrying fuel while trying to get through two keke along the road and caught fire. The vehicle I was in also caught fire, and I passed out. I opened my eyes to see mymmyself on the floor across from where the vehicle containing 18 people including my mum was burning.

I tried to stand and run because everyone around the area was running because the vehicle is about to explode, I could not and I noticed I had sustained multiple injuries all over my body and my right was broken and I could not walk. I begged a man who was running to help me and then he carried me to a safe side where the fire would not harm me. I was then taken to the hospital by a man known as Pastor Daniel. I spent the night in the hospital in Lokoja and and it was while I was in the hospital, I noticed it was only me and a man survived in that vehicle, but the rest including my mum and the two keke drivers was burnt to ashes. I tried contacting my family members but I couldn't I only knew my mum's phone number.

I was happy when my family members found me the next day.  They said they saw the accident on news and they came to check for survivors, I was then discharged from that hospital in Lojoja and then taken to a specialist home in Abuja where I received treatments. 

I thank God for sparing my life because up till now its a mystery on how I got out of the vehicle because I don't even know how I got out. I also thank God that am able to walk again today, because the doctors in the hospital were saying things like I would not be able to walk again and they said my blood was low but the Almighty God saw me through and now am fully healthy and sound. 

I lost my mum in that  accident and I am now an orphan because I lost my Dad two years ago, but that does not mean I should question God or stop me from thanking him but if not for his grace and mercy I would have been dead by now because some of my mates were burnt to ashes in that accident.

The Almighty God is indeed a merciful and faithful God. So I urge you Christians to serve him faithfully."

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